Mitland Hotel is socially involved

We are proud of our location in northeastern Utrecht. Sitting on the terrace, overlooking the peaceful greenery and water of the neighboring park the Voorveldse Polder, our guests escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To keep it that way, we take as much care of our surroundings as we do of our guests. We take care of it, and so do our staff. We actively encourage our employees to come to work by bicycle or public transportation. This is not only good for the environment, but also for themselves. As an accredited training company, we also demonstrate our high level of commitment to our industry. We believe it is the way to invest in the future of upcoming professionals. As a family business, we also consider it important to invest in our permanent employees. By providing room for self-development, they develop further and you as a guest ultimately have a more pleasant stay.

We apply this sustainable philosophy not only to ourselves, because sustainability is about all of us. Therefore, we also support various foundations, organizations and associations. These can be national initiatives, but our preference is for local projects related to sustainability. Among others, we support:

As a guest at Hotel Mitland, you can purchase KiKa bears, the proceeds of which will go entirely to this foundation. Kika is dedicated to innovative research and other activities in the field of childhood cancer, aimed at less pain and struggle, more cure and a higher quality of life later in life.

Los Cachorros
For many years we have supported the Los Cachorros Foundation in various ways. They dedicate themselves to street children aged 6 to 18 in Peru. They often roam the streets because of poverty, violence or abuse at home. Through street work, shelter, psychosocial help and education, Los Cachorros accompanies these children off the streets back to family or to a future on their own two feet. Personal attention and love are central. Los Cachorros ensures that the children can be children again and gives them knowledge, skills and confidence for the future!

Foundation Eastern Europe Mission
Various materials that are no longer usable by us as a hotel, such as beds and guest articles, are donated free of charge to the Eastern Europe Mission Foundation, giving them a second life. This foundation dedicates itself to inhabitants of Eastern Europe (Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Ukraine) and supports them with spiritual help and in this way provides for their material needs. The former Eastern Bloc countries still desperately need this help today.

VV Voorwaarts
The neighboring soccer club VV Voorwaarts has been able to count on the support of Hotel Mitland for many years. Under the motto 'better a good neighbor than a far friend', a good cooperation has developed over the years. This club with over 400 members has a strong social and sporting character and is also one of the oldest soccer clubs in Utrecht.

All empty printer cartridges in the hotel are collected for the benefit of Stichting CliniClowns Nederland. They offer children who are hospitalized with an illness or disability distraction and fun and in this way make children smile again. Moreover, in this way we also save the environment.

Do you think you would make a good combination with Hotel Mitland? If so, please send your sponsorship proposal to Because we receive many sponsorship requests each year, we use the following criteria:

  • Your request contributes to brand awareness/brand activation and clearly describes what we can expect from you
  • Your request relates to sustainability and/or our immediate environment
  • Your request aligns with our potential audiences
  • Your request is not directed to an individual
  • Your request has been submitted at least 4 weeks prior to commencement