Hotel Utrecht - Hotel Mitland ****

Food & Meetings

Delicious and easy food during your meeting.

We offer a number of possibilities for different times of the day:

  • Start of the day
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon pick-me-up (snack)
  • End of the day

Start of the day

Served in the conference room.

Business breakfastRate
  • Cheese sandwich roll
  • Boiled egg
  • Croissant with jam and butter
  • Currant bun
  • Glass of orange juice
  • Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt
€ 16,50
Tasty receptionRate
Cheese or ham sandwich€ 3,05
Box of Celebrations sweets€ 5,95
Apple pie with whipped cream€ 4,50
Deluxe assorted cakes€ 4,60
Cake assortment€ 1,95
Muffin assortment€ 1,95


In the conference room or lounge.

Lunch Arsenaal
  • 2 sandwiches
  • Soup
  • Croquette in a bread roll
  • Fruit
  • Milk or buttermilk
€ 18,50
Lunch Arsenaal XL
  • The above also with fresh fruit juices (orange juice & grapefruit juice)
€ 22,50
Sandwich rollsRate
Lunch Traverse€ 15,50
Lunch Traverse L (rolls with soup or fruit salad)€ 20,50
Lunch Traverse XL (with soup & fruit salad)€ 23,50

Our assortiment consists of a selection of freshly baked bread rolls. These are topped with fish and meat specialties like filet americain, Ardennes ham, brie, tuna salad and smoked salmon.

Sandwich buffet€ 17,00
Sandwich buffet with soup or fruit salad€ 22,00
Sandwich buffet with soup & fruit salad€ 25,00

Various deluxe sandwiches, filled with deluxe fish and meat specialities and salads. Starting at 30 persons, 6 sandwiches per person.

Dairy and juice Rate
Milk and buttermilk€ 2,85
Fresh orange and grapefruit juice€ 3,35
Milk, buttermilk and fresh fruit juices (orange juice & grapefruit juice)€ 5,60

Afternoon pick-me-up (snack)

In the conference room / lounge or hotel bar.

Fresh intermezzoRate
Mango & raspberry smoothies€ 5,60
Sausage roll€ 4,00
Cheese roll€ 4,00
Van Dobben ragout sandwich€ 4,00
Croquette€ 4,00
Croquette with bread€ 4,65
Sandwich break (snack)Rate
  • Various sandwiches filled with smoked fish, bacon/lettuce/tomato, smoked turkey filet and egg salad with cucumber (three per person)
  • For a minimum of 10 persons
  • Served on a platter
€ 8,50
Deluxe snack assortmentRate
Snack Holland
Toast with ham, onion and tomato, with cumin cheese au gratin
€ 6,20
Saté snack
3 chicken saté skewers with atjar tjampoer (Indonesian relish), shrimp crisp, home-made peanut sauce and French bread
€ 8,30
Wrap with horseradish cream and smoked salmon€ 6,20
Wrap with smoked chicken and guacamole€ 6,20

Order no later than 2 working days in advance. Per reservation, there is a maximum of 2 different snacks from the deluxe snack assortment.

Sundries Rate
Bottle of mineral water (carbonated and non-carbonated) 75 cl.€ 4,35
Bottle of soft drink€ 2,60
Use of tableware€ 1,55
Peppermint dish€ 2,40

End of the day

After the meeting, you can stay and sit and talk in our brasserie. We offer you the following package (only in combination with a conference package).

Drinks & bitesRate
2 drinks (Dutch assortment) including assorted appetizers€ 9,75

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