Hotel Utrecht - Hotel Mitland ****


Hotel Mitland Utrecht is located in city park Voorveldse Polder and the site is surrounded by parking zones of the municipality of Utrecht. Parking in in these parking zones is expensive (In the city center and the suburbs: € 36,-- per day).

Hotel Mitland has a paid parking with 140 parking spaces. Two parking spaces are equipped to charge electric cars through an Ecotap charging point. Parking spaces cannot be reserved and are based on availability.

For delivery purposes and pick up (the so-called kiss & ride) our area in front of the entrance can be used to a maximum of 10 minutes. When you have a disability card you may use our designated parking space for free.

Parking fees

Parking first 3 hoursFree
Parking each additional hour€ 2,00
Day ticket€ 5,20
Parking 24 hours€ 8,00

Our parking is equipped with security cameras and a barrier. Parking on our terrain is at own risk and Mitland is not liable for damages or car theft.

Hotel Mitland entitles itself to affix a wheel clamp to vehicles of non-visitors to our hotel, restaurant, bowling or meetingfacilities. A wheel clamp will be removed after payment.

For transport to and from the city center we have a free shuttle service.