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The city of Utrecht

History of Utrecht

Utrecht is an old Roman city dating from 47 A.D. developed round the settlement of a fort on the river Rhine.

In 690 A.D. the first bishop of Utrecht, Willibrord, returned to the fort and built a church on the site which now houses the Dom Square. This was the foundation for Utrecht's role as a religious centre. The construction of The Dom Church and Dom Tower began in the late 13th century and was completed in the 14th century.

Sights in Utrecht

Make sure you see the mighty cathedral The Dom Church and The Dom Tower. You can climb the 462 steps if you have the energy and no fear of heights. The tower gives you an amazing view of the city and surrounding countryside from its 112-metre peak.

'De Oude Gracht' (Old Canal) and 'Nieuwe Gracht' (New Canal). Utrecht's canals are unique because of the pedestrian walkways (wharfs) on either side. You will find many cafes along the 'Oude Gracht'. A good way to explore the inner and outer canals is by canal bike...

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