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Sustainable Hotel Mitland Utrecht carries Golden Green Key

Hotel Mitland has been awarded with a Golden Green Key in 2012. This international eco label for the tourism industry is an recognition for our sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Hotel Mitland can be regarded as one of the greenest hotels in Utrecht. Not only because our beautiful location in a park, but mainly because of the many initiatives taken to reduce our impact on the environment. A major renovation in 2006 made us a true eco-friendly hotel. For example, our roofs are planted with sedum which provides a natural insulation and reduces our energy consumption. Our kitchen is equipped with a special swill-pit for organic waste and our hotel has its own cogeneration (CHP) plant which reduces our CO2 emission. Also when leaving the hotel room your room key will switch the lights off automatically.

We are currently in the process of changing all standard lighting for sustainable LED lamps (dispensation for two years to complete the transformation process). This type of lighting is lower in energy use and has a longer life.

Next to the above mentioned initiatives our guests can also participate by using their towels twice or turning the heater off when leaving the room.

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