Hotel Utrecht - Hotel Mitland ****


Hotel Mitland Utrecht has its own car park with 140 parking spaces. This car park is only available to Mitland hotel/meeting/restaurant/bowling visitors. Non-visitors parking here run the risk of having their vehicles disabled by a wheel clamp. A fee will be charged to remove it.

To bring and pick up guests and deliver goods, the area in front of the hotel has free parking for a limited 10-minute period. Access to the car park is restricted by a barrier.

Parking fees

Parking first 3 hours€ 0,00
Parking each additional hour€ 1,75
Parking per day€ 5,20
Parking per night€ 7,80

Parking is based on availability. If the car park is full, parking is available in the neighbourhood on the other side of the tunnel (€2,47 per hour).

Although security for the car park is provided by a barrier and camera system, parking is at your own risk. Hotel Mitland Utrecht cannot be held responsible for damage to or theft from parked vehicles.